4 Ways to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Easily

4 Ways to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Easily

Do you have a nasty ingrown hair? Well here are 4 tips for easily getting rid of it.

An ingrown hair is a hair that has grown back onto itself. Almost everyone develops an ingrown hair in some point of their life. But if an ingrown hair appears on your face or on your legs, then they can look like unsightly bumps and discolorations on your skin. 

Removing ingrown hair is easy, here are a few tips.


Try Exfoliation

Exfoliating the area with the ingrown hair is the best strategy. Usually ingrown hair grows under dead skin or underneath a scab. Exfoliating using a scrubber or a loofa could help. 

  1. Use warm water and mild soap. 
  2. Lather your scrubber or loofa
  3. Scrub the area vigorously but not to the point of bleeding. 

You can also use anti-acne medications such as salicylic acid or tretinoin since these chemicals help remove dead skin cells. 

Use a cotton tip applicator or a cotton ball to place the medication on the area. 

Another way to exfoliate the skin is to use natural scrubs such as oatmeal, honey and sugar or baking soda. 

Use any of these natural treatments on skin and you will soon find that you have fewer ingrown hair.


Try a Warm Compress

Another effective way on to get rid of an ingrown hair is through using warm compress. 

Dip a small face towel in warm water and place it over the affected area for about 15 minutes. 

The heat will open skin pores and help loosen ingrown hair. Repeat this step until you have softened skin around the area.


Try Tweezing It

You can also use tweezers to remove an ingrown hair but tweezing while hair is still in this state could lead to bleeding and pain. So you should loosen the skin first before you tweeze. 

Use fine point tweezers and remove hair ONLY when the tip is already exposed.


Try an Adhesive Strip

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore StripsAnother effective way to get rid of ingrown hair is to use a commercially-available adhesive strips. 

This adhesive strip is usually placed along the nose, the chin and on the forehead to remove blackheads and whiteheads. 

It could also be used to remove skin over ingrown hair as long as you moisten and loosen the ingrown hair first before you place the adhesive strip. 


Prevent Ingrown Hairs with Moisturizer After Shaving

Shaving usually leads to the development of ingrown hairs. To prevent this from happening, you should apply moisturizer on the area afterwards. 

Shaving can also dry out your skin, so a dab of moisturizer can prevent dryness and irritation, and ingrown hairs.

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