4 Ways to Get Rid of Warts

4 Ways to Get Rid of Warts

Do you want to know how to get rid of warts? Do you have a wart that you want to get rid of?

Warts are growths on the skin due to a virus. Warts usually grow in clusters and appear in conspicuous areas of the body like the hands. They can multiply uncontrollably if not treated early. They could also look really nasty especially when warts grow on your hands.


Try Salicylic Acid or TCA

Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid Wart Remover Apply medically-approved products such as salicylic acid or use 100% Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA). 

These medications are known to reduce warts by drying them off. Simply soak the affected skin with either of the two solutions for about 5 to 10 minutes for one to three days. 

Warts will simply peel off after completing the treatment. 

If warts dry out, but still fail to come off, use a skin tag remover to remove the wart.


Try Duck Tape

Try the duct tape method. After applying medically-accepted treatments like salicylic acid, bind the wound with duct tape. 

Since duct tape is strong and adheres well, it will suffocate the wart and keep the medication on the area. 

Remove/Replace the duct tape to examine the wart every day and to place the medication in the area. Some people that have used duct tape to get rid of warts fast report improvements within a few days.


Try Liquid Nitrogen

A “cool” way to remove warts is to use liquid nitrogen. Also known as cryotherapy, this method will freeze the wart so it could be removed safely. 

There is some discomfort in using this method but after a few minutes, your huge, painful wart will already be gone. 

There are over-the-counter freeze kits that you can use to freeze warts. Just follow instructions on how to use the product.


Try a Dermatologist

When all else fails and all methods above to get rid of warts have failed, then you should consult a doctor on a more suitable strategy.

Your doctor could recommend an ideal treatment according to the size of the wart, the number of warts, and the level of pain that you can tolerate. 

Usually, surgical treatments are available such as electrosurgery, curettage, or laser surgery. Electrosurgery and curettage involve burning the wart off using electricity and cutting it off afterwards. This method may be fast but warts could return since blood vessels in the area are still intact. 

Laser surgery, on the other hand, uses an intense beam of light to burn the wart off.

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