5 Ways to Safely Get Rid of Rosacea

5 Ways to Safely Get Rid of Rosacea

Are you looking for a safe way to get rid of rosacea? Rosacea is a common skin condition. Your skin will be easily irritated when exposed to certain allergens. 

Some common rosacea-triggering allergens include household chemicals, food, dust and even changes in temperature. 

When you get rosacea, your skin becomes inflamed. Luckily there are some effective ways to control rosacea symptoms.

1. Try Makeup (if you're female)

The easiest way to deal with redness on the face or rosacea is to conceal it with makeup. 

Use concealers and powder makeup that are closest to your skin color. Apply it carefully over the area. 

If your skin becomes irritated from the makeup, you should consult a dermatologist. They can recommend a makeup brand that is made for sensitive skin. 

Also, be sure to remove all makeup when you get home or the sooner if possible. Wash your face with warm water and mild soap.

2. Dress warm, when cold

Rosacea is also triggered by changes in temperature. During cold weather, wear a scarf plus an extra layer of protection like a jacket or a sweater so you will feel warm. 

As soon as you enter a warm room, your face will become very red very quickly. A scarf will be able to hide your flushed face. 

If you intend to go out for a longer period of time, place a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your face.

3. Try a Cold Compress

One of the easiest ways how to get rid of rosacea is to place a cold compress over the affected area. 

A washcloth dipped in cold water will do the trick. This will help control redness and flushing. 

You can also try using fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and lemons to cool your flushed face down. 

4. Try Coconut Oil

You can also control rosacea by placing a small amount of coconut oil over your face. Coconut oil will help keep your skin moisturized. 

Other natural oils such as shea butter, almond oil, and olive oil will also help.

5. Avoid your Triggers

This may be obvious, but to get rid of rosacea, be sure to avoid your triggers as much as possible. 

If you suffer from redness due to exposure to dust and smoke, then you should avoid them as much as you can. 

If the weather makes you turn red, then avoid going out or dealing with sudden changes in temperature. 

Visit your dermatologist to better understand your triggers. A dermatologist will help you find the most effective treatment for your skin condition.

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