6 Tips To Get Rid of a Black Eye

6 Tips To Get Rid of a Black Eye

Do you need to get rid of a black eye? If so, we have some tips to help you clear it up.


What is a black eye?

A black eye is a bruise. The skin around the eye appears to look black or discolored since the area has been bruised. 

If you have a black eye, then the first thing on your mind is how to remove it since it looks like you got beat up. 

Here are some things you can try:


Try Ice

Place cold compress over the affected eye. 

  1. Put some ice in a sandwich bag or use an ice pack. You can also wrap ice in a damp towel.
  2. Place the ice pack over the bruise for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the ice pack once in a while if you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Repeat this technique several times a day. 

The cold will reduce swelling and will also control the pain. 


Try a Cucumber

Put a slice of cucumber over your black eye. A slice of cucumber will reduce swelling, cool the area down and even ease pain. 

Replace the cucumber as soon as the slice has dried up. You can use this technique as often as you want to. 

Alternatives to cucumber are orange or lemon rinds, watermelon slices, or thin apple slices.


Try Peppermint or Tea Tree Oil

You can also use peppermint water or a few drops of tea tree oil in water. 

  1. Just dip a cotton ball in any of the two solutions
  2. Place the cotton ball over the affected area. 
  3. Replace the cotton ball once it gets dried up.


Peppermint Oil    Tea Tree Oil


Try Resting

Take a rest. You can recuperate better and you will be able to reduce pain and ease swelling when you rest and when you sleep. 

Elevate your head to prevent swelling. Take Tylenol for headaches or for any pains along the eye area. Resting will help the body recuperate and will help you reduce stress.


Drink Lots of Water

Increase water intake by drinking more than 8 glasses of water each day. 


Eat Healthy

Eat fruits and vegetables for nutrients that will help your body recuperate. Eat foods rich in protein such as meats, fish, dairy products and eggs to help the body repair cells and tissues. This will also ease the inflammation.


What about a Raw Steak on my Eye?

Traditionally people have put raw steaks on black eyes. This is likely because raw meat is kept cold, not because the meat has special healing abilities! Ask Alice says using ice, as already mentioned above is a better method than using a steak. It's better to eat the steak, since the protein will help you heal faster.

By following these six methods will hopefully be able to say good bye to your black eye for good or at least decrease it's lifespan. 

If there is pain over the area around your eye, visit an eye specialist for a thorough examination and to receive the most suitable treatment.

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