6 Ways To Get Rid of Ringworms

6 Ways To Get Rid of Ringworms

Ringworm infections are seen on the skin as small patches of ring-like lesions. They are not just unsightly but are also itchy and very uncomfortable to have. It is important to remove ringworms. Here are some effective ways to get rid of them.


Try Topical Medication

Ringworm Topical MedicationRemove ringworms by using a topical medication. You can purchase over-the-counter ringworm-killing ointments. They should be used liberally over the affected area at least twice or three times a day. 

Topical medications need to be absorbed completely to maximize the effect of anti-ringworm medications.


Try Oral Medications

Ringworm Oral MedicationsYou can also consider using oral anti-ringworm medications that can stop ringworm infestation. 

Take this medication according to the recommendation of your doctor. Do not delay treatment and you will stop ringworms for good.


Try Keeping Clean

Ringworms can also be controlled by using preventive measures.

  • Avoid wearing dirty clothing, 
  • Wash your hands completely before eating 
  • Never use the personal items of a person with ringworms. 

Separate an infected persons' clothing as well as their personal items. If a person is found to be infected with ringworms, they and their family should ALL be treated together.

Hiding Ringworms

Getting rid of ringworms is all about dealing with the symptoms of the condition. To mask the appearance of the ringworm lesions you could use makeups like concealers and liquid foundation over the area. The color of your makeup should be the same as your skin color. 

You can also consider using alternate warm and cold compresses along the area to control swelling and pain. You can use a cold compress as often as you want so you won’t feel uncomfortable with ringworms.


Try Reducing Your Stress and Anxiety

Skin conditions such as ringworms usually become aggravated when a person is stressed or anxious. 

Practice techniques for reducing anxiety such as yoga, meditation, exercise, fitness, and engaging in hobbies. 

You can also practice techniques such as deep breathing, music therapy, and dancing to reduce stress. Eventually you will manage the symptoms of a ringworm infection.


Try a Dermatologist

If all else fails and all the above tips for getting rid of ringworms do not work, you should consult a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to pinpoint the most suitable treatment for your condition. 

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