How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes

How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes

Do you have corns on your toes? My grandma always did. Here are some tips to getting get rid of them.

Corns are thick folds of skin that developed over time. It is the body’s response to repeated friction or pressure of the area. Corns can increase in size and form a crusty surface. Although it is not painful to have corns, you will find it hard to wear close-fitted shoes or to walk barefoot. 

The best thing to do is to remove corns before they become very large and uncomfortable.


Try a Podiatrist 

You should consult a podiatrist to find out more about your corn. He can tell you if it is okay to remove the corn or not or if you need to wait till the best time to do it. 

A podiatrist will advise you on the best ways to deal with corns. You may be told: 

  • To wear a different kind of footwear
  • Place padding on the area to protect your corn from further friction or pressure 
  • If your corn needs to be surgically removed.


Try Sanding It Off

You can remove corns at home. If your corn is still small enough to remove, the best way to start is to soften the corn by soaking the affected foot in hot water. 

Use a pumice stone or a tool with rough edges to sand the corn away. 

It takes several times to totally remove corns; you may need to repeat this process for days until your corn has been completely removed.


Try Dissolving It

Use over the counter medications to get rid of corns. Topical medications such as ointments that contain 40% salicylic acid will help dissolve the corn until it dries off. 

You may need to remove a small amount of skin over the corn before applying the patch. You can remove the skin by filing it down.

When getting rid of corns on toes at home, there is a high possibility of suffering from an infection. So be sure to consult a podiatrist on the best topical or oral antibiotics that will prevent infection.


How to Prevent Corns

Finally aside from learning ways to get rid of corns on toes you should also keep the area clean at all times. 

There will always be a potential of dealing with dirt and grime since your feet are used for moving about. 

If you have successfully removed your corn, cover the area with sterile gauze or place a durable tape along the area. 

This will help keep the area clean and your toes safe from bumps and pressure.

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