How to Get Rid of Gas Fast

How to Get Rid of Gas Fast

Gas in your intestines can be uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. Stomach gas accumulates as a result of the breakdown of carbohydrates by bacteria. Unless this gas is released, gas pains and cramping will occur. 

So how do you deal with gas? Well, here are some quick ways of how to get rid of gas fast.


Try Exercise

Exercise to get rid of gasTake a walk or do light activities after a meal. Light exercise or minimal movement can move food in the intestines which will release gas from your mouth or from your rectal area. 

Don’t just sit around after dinner time! Walk your dog, take a short walk around the corner, or help out in cleaning the kitchen.


Try Tea 

Tea to get rid of gasDrink either peppermint or chamomile tea if you have gas. These teas will help ease gastric discomfort as well as gas. Drinking tea after a meal helps too. 

Some teas can also help keep you calm and relaxed which minimizes gastric upset and pains. 

Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages or coffee since these will only make cramping worse.


Try Gas-X Antigas Pills

Gas-X Antigas, Extra Strength, 125 mg, 72 SoftgelsGas-X is a great pill to get rid of gas fast. It's a Soft Gel pill that has a liquid center wrapped in a smooth gel coating and it’s easy to swallow

It relieves bloating, pressure, and discomfort in minutes! It's great to have if you're in a meeting or on a date to save you from embarrassing yourself. 

Gas-X is the #1 doctor recommended brand for fast gas relief.

Note: A most common gas treating mistake is taking antacids. Antacids are great for getting rid of heartburn. But they don't work for gas pain. 


Try Yoga

A popular Yoga pose is downward-facing dog. If you change the pose by putting your knees and elbows on the ground and keeping your butt in the air, it is an extremely effective way to release gas. This is a great gas releasing move for pregnant women too.

Get Rid of Gas Yoga Move

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Stomach gas is lighter than air, so it wants to rise. Once it's in your intestines it can no longer escape up through your mouth, so that leaves only one place for it to escape.

If you slowly rock your body back and forth on your knees and elbows, this will help work out the trapped gas.

You may want to do this in private. It can be embarrassingly loud and smelly. :) 


8 Ways to Prevent Gas Pain

In learning to get rid of gas, you will ultimately learn that prevention is an important part of treatment. 

  1. First is avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol to quickly reduce gas pains. 
  2. Stop eating for a while and allow your symptoms to subside first before you resume eating your meals. 
  3. A change in the food you eat could also help prevent gas formation. 
  4. Avoid dairy products since your symptoms could be due to being intolerant to lactose. Consult your doctor on the ideal method on how to manage gas and gas pains related to being lactose intolerant.
  5. Reduce intake of fatty foods. This kind of food usually stays in the colon longer and this causes bacteria break-down and gas accumulation. 
  6. Increase intake of fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables to help sweep the colon clean and to keep yourself regular.
  7. Drinking more water or around 8 to 10 glasses of water each day will also help reduce gas formation.
  8. Most tips on how to get rid of gas are easy to follow and will help ease gas pains and cramping soon enough. 

If gas formation and cramps persist, you should consult your doctor for a more aggressive treatment. A visit to a dietician will also help plan a workable diet and meal plan to avoid gas formation.

Written by Dr. Michael Elliot

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